The 10 month adventure to Reclaim your Wholeness.

Let's Reclaim 

Authenticity. Expectations. Body Love. Pleasure. Creativity. Ritual. Courage. Purpose. Power. Abundance.

with Molly Mahar
Why Reclamation? 

Because in the midst of chasing external success and validation, wearing masks of perfection and sarcasm, pleasing and pleading and praying -- you forget that you are Enough.

You forget that you are Whole. Amazing. Loved. Capable. Mighty. Beautiful.

News flash. Even in the midst of the mess and busyness and struggle -- you are the whole fucking enchilada, woman!

You'll emerge from this adventure with your inner landscape rearranged: a truer sense of who you really are, a deeper understanding of your own sufficiency and a clearer point of view.

You, Reclaimed. 
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Reclamation is both a journey to reclaim your wholeness and a call to leadership in your own life. 

You’ll emerge with a truer sense of who you are, a deeper understanding of your own power, and a sharper, more resourced point of view on everything from sex to money to spirituality -- and pretty much everything in between!

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